Success is not an accident!  Many people look at their doctor, their realtor, their lawyer, the internet guru and say “he’s so lucky”. or “He’s so smart, I wish I could have done that”, etc…

It’s not about Luck, Ideas, or Intelligence. It’s about Action! WHAT YOU DO is infinitely more important that WHAT YOU KNOW. Action is always the key.

     IT’S A FACT:  

SUCCESSFUL people are those who are willing to actually do the things that UNSUCCESSFUL people are unwilling to do.

     Are good ideas important?  Of course.  Are opportunities important?  Of course.  But without action they are useless.  If you don’t try… You Can’t Succeed.   

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  1. This is such a True Statement, Success is really not an accident, it’s actually a REWARD that comes with Dedication & Lots of that Nasty 4 letter word… That’s right everybody hard WORK!! I wish much success to the Dedicated & Hard Workers…

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